Designing for a purpose.

Churches, non-profits, and mission-minded organizations exist to deliver valuable, far-reaching messages. Spire, a full service digital agency, leverages expert strategy and design to help communicate those inspiring words in the most engaging manner possible.

Let's Work Together

We help you

Obviously we live in a digital age. Which makes it even harder to break through to your intended audience. At Spire, we understand that people are bombarded daily with all sorts of messages, which is why we give you the tools to actually ENGAGE with meaning. We’ll help you embrace digital platforms to reach those you want to reach – then speak to them in a way that resonates. That is how you build growing relationships.

Our relationship with you isn’t a one-time collaboration. In order for your organization to grow, we must continue to serve up your message in both expected and unexpected ways. It’s about keeping things fresh and relevant. We’ll merge your insights with our expertise and create a streamlined growth strategy.

Indeed it’s about making connections that matter. However, once we’ve helped you establish initial contact with individuals, the goal is to turn those connections into fruitful relationships. At Spire, we’ll show you how the right digital approach does just that.


Your priority is communicating the Gospel of Jesus. It’s a beautiful message to spread, and, at times, it takes great effort. Spire exists to help shoulder some of that load. We provide creative and branding strategies that bring your mission to life – we share your mindset, and we know how to elegantly craft your voice.

  • Digital Strategy

    You need a plan - a long-term one. While just the presence of a website used to be enough, now a site has to continually evolve. Your social media efforts have to go beyond random, disparate posts. We can create a digital strategy that positions you for current and future success.

  • Branding

    Every organization is a brand. You stand for something, and people will always perceive you a certain way. And our role is to help you create brand distinction – we’ll collaborate with you and dive deep to identify what sets you apart. This way your brand story will be told – through visuals and words to all who cross your path – in a strong, concise, and consistent manner.

  • Web Design & Hosting

    Your site anchors your organization. It’s where people turn to first. So you want to pique their interest immediately, then keep them engaged. To do this, a polished design is crucial, well-written content is a must, and constant updates are demanded. It’s the only way to ensure the clear, consistent communication of your mission. In addition to designing and writing your site, we host it for you as well - for complete peace of mind.

  • Mobile Applications

    These days, everyone’s mobile device is within an arm’s reach. Spire can develop a mobile app that keep’s your message at their fingertips. It’s a critical piece to the branding puzzle, and we can ensure that when an inspiration strikes and you want to communicate it, this can be done through mobile app push notifications or alerts.

  • Videography / Photography

    Images are powerful. They need to inspire, and they can’t alienate. Major thought goes into creating visuals with the most impact, and Spire works with you to develop high-end video pieces and photography that speak to your audience.

  • Graphic Design

    The Spire team consists of talented, passionate designers. We are confident that our creativity will impress you, as our diversity of experience fosters unique thinking. And after we arrive at a design you love, we can partner with you for any printing needs – small or large in scope, from brochures to message graphics.



We see the beauty of God’s design all around us. It’s truly amazing. Our goal is to reflect God’s design in what we do. Simply put, we believe those who are doing God’s work should set the standard in design and beauty. Our passion is to see the faith community present the Good News in a way that is not only beautiful, but honoring to our maker. That involves a lot of listening, planning and hard work - but we love it. And we hope you do too.


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